Mercury Project File for Rapidweaver

This project file is built with Foundation 6 and Total CMS plus a number of other stacks to add features to it.

List of Necessary stacks

List of Optional Stacks
  • Parallax Stack - This stack gives some attractive parallax effect to background images. It's used in the Mercury home page right below the 'Features' Section. If you don't have Parallax stacks you can easily turn off this stack from the Admin Area (turn off the toggle to revert back to a simple background image included in the F6 stack suite).
  • Photo Stack - This stack is used to enhance user experience for the *Blog gallery* and the *Product image gallery*. If you don't have Photo stacks turn off the toggle in the Admin area to revert back to a simple image gallery included in the F6 stack suite.
  • Share It Stack - This stack is used to allow users to easily share each product and blog page on the main social media platforms with a click of a button.
  • Page Safe Stack - This stack is used to password protect the admin area of this website. We recommend protect your admin area with pagesafe, there is even a Vibracart integration. If you decide to turn off this stacck the system will revert back to the Protect stack included with TCMS.